07 September 2010

Plush Tux Penguins

Edit, January 2011: also see the next generation of Plush Tux.

As a Labor Day weekend project, Santhosh and I made plush Tux penguins (in honor of our favorite kernel). Neither of us had done a major sewing project before, so it took the two of us about 16 hours to make two penguins.

We obtained free (as in speech) schematics from free-penguin.org. That site is somewhat light on instructions, but the patterns came out very nicely. Each Tux stands (er, sits) about 11 inches tall.

More assembly pictures…


  1. We still have a bit of extra fabric, if you want to make one. :D

  2. What types of fabric did you use? My husband and I are having a robot themed nursery, and I would love a Tux to sit along side the crocheted Bender I found. Any help you can offer would be amazing!

  3. Just fleece (in particular the white on the tummy is a bit fuzzier; sorry I can't be more specific about the fabric). They're fine for me but I might have used something stiffer or stitched the seams more tightly if I were going to give it to kids.

  4. Thanks a bunch; I just needed a starting point. It would really just be on display in a shadow box. I am going to be a stay at home mom, so while I'll have most of the nursery ready to go by December, I'm looking for projects to add along the way.

    Thanks again!!