28 December 2007

Computer science fortunes

You think you know when you can learn, are more sure when you can write, even more when you can teach, but certain when you can program. --Alan Perlis

Save the environment. Create a closure today. --Cormac Flanagan

The last good thing written in C was Franz Schubert's Symphony number 9. --Erwin Dieterich

Via Bill Clementson

25 December 2007

Stores trying to prevent reverse shoplifting

"Everyone else is pushing their product, so why shouldn’t we?" said Jeff Eyrich, a producer for several independent bands, who puts stacks of his bands' CDs — marked "free" — on music racks at Starbucks whenever the cashiers look away. [...]

At Powell's Books in Portland, Ore., religious groups have been hitting the magazines in the science section with fliers featuring Christian cartoons, while their adversaries have been moving Bibles from the religion section to the fantasy/science-fiction section.

New York Times: Anarchists in the Aisles? Stores Provide a Stage