03 January 2011

Giant Plush Tux Penguin

or, What Happens When Engineers Learn to Sew

Encouraged by how well the plush (Linux) Tux penguins turned out, Santhosh, Samson, and I spent a couple of afternoons over the holiday making a Giant Plush Tux in honor of our favorite kernel. It was a lot of fun and I got to practice skills that I usually neglect (such as hand-eye coordination).

Giant Tux is 3'8" tall, weighs 24 lbs, is made out of fleece and reappropriated stuffing, and really likes to hog the couch.

You can read more about how Giant Tux was made and see more pictures here.


  1. On the Styrofoam pellets -- I knew someone whose Caltech dorm room was pranked by opening a bean bag chair and turning on a Van de Graff generator. The pellets were being dug out of woodwork five years later.

  2. Wow. Do you happen to have pictures of that? We didn't have any electrical anomalies and we still found the styrofoam annoying enough to get rid of.