27 December 2010

The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack

The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack is an anthology of The Perry Bible Fellowship, which is one of the most imaginative webcomics I've ever seen.

This book is a treasure.

It isn't for everyone— the author has a twisted sense of humor, and there is a lot of sexual and morbid humor. But the comics are just incredibly rich in their stories, and demand repeated readings. The author loves to take a cliché and turn it on its head. The artwork is also very impressive for a webcomic; it comes in a variety of styles, from very minimal figures to rich watercolors, and even spot-on parodies of other comics and other visual media. All in all the book is a lot of fun to flip through. It will probably stay on my coffee table for a long time.

Many (indeed, most) of the comics still appear on the web, so you can read them to get a taste for what the book is like. Some of my personal favorites: "Guntron Alliance Force", "Mrs. Hammer", "Refridgeron and Magnimus".

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