11 August 2009

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan; Dark City

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan is quite good. It's pretty clever and well-written. And unlike many of the Star Trek films that have come since, it has some memorable characters (even the villain!). William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy make a great pair onscreen.

Dark City is highly reminiscent of The Matrix (which it preceded, by a year). The story is fairly intriguing but the acting is so-so. The two things really worth seeing are the cool (and dark) visual style and Kiefer Sutherland playing a mad scientist type.


  1. I can't forgive Dark City's voiceover introduction, in which it is announced "All the murder mystery stuff you're about to see is complete bullshit and should be ignored. We were worried you wouldn't eventually figure that out."

    It's a pretty serious ripoff of The City of Lost Children (complete with rowboat), a must-see. If you're still in Boston you can probably catch it at the Brattle once a year.

    Maybe I'm just bummed because Dark City had a totally awesome preview in which one got all of the visual overtones with no plot elements, just a feeling of "I want to see...whatever that was!" and then the movie extended none of that trust.

  2. > The City of Lost Children (complete with rowboat), a must-see

    Noted. Thanks!

  3. The director apparently acknowledged that the intro voiceover was a mistake, and it has been removed in the "Director's Cut" edition.