26 August 2009

People who are not in our league III

Magic Cube 5D

Magic Cube 4D is software simulating a four-dimensional analogue of the Rubik's cube.

Magic Cube 5D is... I won't insult your intelligence. Like the 3-dimensional Rubik's cube, it comes in a variety of sizes. And Levi Wegner has performed an extraordinary feat:

Levi Wegner recently solved the 65 puzzle! This monster has 12,960 stickers, and it took him 24 days, averaging roughly six hours per day. It is a good thing that the program supports macros otherwise this 1.9 million twist solution would have been essentially impossible.

This is so awesome as to pretty much defy comprehension.

The 75 puzzle remains unsolved, if you want to make a name for yourself.

Or you can try the Magic120Cell, which looks like an explosion at a dodecahedron factory:

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