04 May 2009

Office 2007 ODF support

Not content to discredit the OpenDocument format with FUD, Microsoft has now resorted to poisoning the well with its own ODF filter for Office 2007.

Rob Weir computed this compatibility matrix for Microsoft Excel:

Now critics might argue that the ODF format is underspecified, but that's true in some sense of every standard. It's almost as if Microsoft did not even make a good faith effort here (I know, shocking):

Remember, it is not particularly difficult or clever to to take an adverse reading of a standard to make an incompatible, non-interoperable product. [...] The difference between minimal conformance and interoperability is well illustrated in these tests.


  1. Underspecified?

    That is an understatement. There is no ODF standard for spreadsheet formulas. They were supposed to have finished OpenFormula by December of 2006, but there has been no status update since Sep. 2006.


  2. Wrong.