24 April 2009

High praise from CNet for Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

The 10th Ubuntu release 9.04/Jaunty, was made yesterday. Since I started using Ubuntu (I think I tried the very first release, 4.10, and have been using it full-time since 2006 or so) it has come a long way, although many of its core strengths have been there from the beginning.

This CNet headline caught my eye:

Ubuntu 9.04 as slick as Windows 7, Mac OS X

I suppose this is pretty high praise from almost mainstream press.

Good looks and good desktop interaction are important for attracting users, but the press rarely talks about the architectural/design qualities that help to keep users. Ubuntu (and many other GNU/Linuxes):

  • is a joy to use because it bends over backwards to fit my needs, instead of requiring me to adapt to the computer
  • being free software, is actually something I trust
  • is actually easy to acquire and install, and runs on almost anything

Windows and Mac OS have none of those qualities.

The total effect is that I have peace of mind that Ubuntu is something that I'll be able to use for as long as I care to use it, and that it's not a toy OS that I'm going to outgrow.

I'd like to offer my congratulations to the Ubuntu community on a great release (on time, I might add) and my thanks for a really remarkable gift.

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