15 March 2009

The music-buying experience

We've come a long way this decade.

Buying digital music is so convenient that I do it without thinking twice now (I get mine from Amazon). DRM is a thing of the past and formats are basically standardized, so I can play my music on all of my devices, using only free software. You don't need any proprietary software to acquire your music either (on Amazon it's just click and go, and a download starts. At least for individual tracks.) You don't have to get in the car or wait for a CD to be shipped. Digital music costs less than CDs ever did, for both singles and albums.

They say the best way to combat copyright infringement is to make buying music legally more convenient than getting it through the illegal channels. I'm certainly sold. Buying music online is finally hassle-free and reliable. And music you bought online is basically as durable as CDs.

Now, I can't wait until I can say the same thing of movies and books. Reliable e-books will be spectacular.

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