02 March 2009

Have people lost their minds?

Headline from the Merc: California lawmaker targets Internet mapping sites. From the article:

Assemblyman Joel Anderson, a San Diego-area Republican, decided to introduce his bill after reading that terrorists who plotted attacks in Israel and India used popular sites such as Google Earth and Microsoft's Virtual Earth.

His bill would restrict the images such Web sites could post online. Clear, detailed images of schools, hospitals, churches and all government buildings [...] would not be allowed.

But this headline from the Telegraph really takes the cake: Britain's nuclear defence HQ at terror risk after appearing on Google Earth. From the article:

Britain's nuclear defence base at Faslane could be under threat from terrorists because aerial pictures of it are visible on Google Earth.

Go ahead, read the article. It barely even qualifies as "news."

Meanwhile, the bill in California just seems beyond misguided. Bruce Schneier has previously commented on this strategy of shutting down infrastructure to avoid "helping the terrorists."

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