14 February 2009

Cleaning up

I'm moving back into my old room.

So I have a lot of old stuff to clean up and throw away. I am a packrat, but I do know when things are way past their useful lifetime. Definitely on the list of things that are going to go:

  • Anything with a PS/2 or parallel port connector.
  • Power adapters where I have no idea what they plug into.
  • Hard disk drives no larger than 20GB. I plugged one in, just for kicks, and so that I could wipe it. It was 2GB and the disk label was WINDOWS_95. The computer I just ordered is going to have three times as much RAM and about 1500 times more disk.
  • Old proprietary software. I have scores of CDs from an MSDN subscription circa 2002. These are the "AOL CDs" of this decade. I hate throwing away bits, but I rationalized this to myself: given their age and their proprietary-ness, I am pretty sure they have negative value. If someone installed any of these things and tried to use them, they would be worse off than if they got something Free, for free, off the internet.

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