04 July 2008

Happy (Belated) Independence Day

What better way to celebrate our nation's birthday than by setting off 10 tons of explosives?

I went to Boston's Esplanade and had a gorgeous view of the fireworks. They manage to outdo themselves every year. Highlights: pastel color fireworks, fireworks that explode in cube shapes and in smiley faces, fireworks attached to parachutes (or balloons, I couldn't tell), the biggest shells I have ever seen, and explosions that feel like a kick in the chest.

The 1812 Overture with live ordnance is also something that has to be experienced.

I picked up a copy of the New York Times yesterday, and they had printed a facsimile of the Declaration of Independence full page on the back of one section. I read it and it moved me to tears. It is one of those things that makes you feel good, not just about this country, but about humanity. Thanks, NYT.

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