25 April 2008

Computer program defeats Go master

During the Go Tournament in Paris, staged between 22 and 24 March 2008 by the French Go Federation (FFG), the MoGo artificial intelligence engine developed by INRIA running on a Bull NovaScale supercomputer, won a 9x9 game of Go against professional 5th DAN Catalin Taranu. This was the first ever officially sanctioned 'non blitz' victory of a 'machine' over a Go Master.

(Press release)

(Taranu came back to win the match 2-1.) For a long time it was thought that computers would never be able to defeat skilled humans at Go because the staggering number of possible Go positions (much more than are possible in chess) demands human pattern-matching skills.

MoGo, like many top Go programs today, makes use of Monte Carlo (randomized) methods in order to tackle the inherent complexity of the problem.

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