09 April 2008

AP Computer Science AB on the chopping block

The Washington Post reports that the AP Computer Science AB exam, among others, will be discontinued after 2009:

The courses being cut — Italian, Latin literature, French literature and computer science AB — are among the least popular in the AP portfolio. Italian, introduced three years ago, has attracted 1,642 students and 305 teachers nationwide, one-fifth the number who expressed interest before it was created, AP officials said. Courses in French and Latin literature serve 2,068 and 3,771 students, respectively. The most popular AP subjects, including U.S. history and English literature, reach hundreds of thousands of students each year.

The Post didn't report numbers for APCS, but if something like 4000 students take it, then about one in 200 of those students goes to SHS. Incroyable.

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